Wednesday, May 6, 2015

Some Song Choices that I like for My Middle School Choirs

Lots of folks ask for some repertoire ideas, so I am beginning to list some ideas here!

Slow for 7th Grade or 8th grade TB choir.  Good for adjudication.
I'm Bound Away arr. by Mark Patterson.

Fast for 7th/8th Grade TB choir.  Good for adjudication.
Who Will Be A Witness by Donald Moore.

Slow for 6th grade/7th grade beginners for adjudication.
The Little Birch Tree arr. by Goetze.

A Capella fast for 6th/7th beginners for adjudication.
Drunken Sailor arranged by Emily Crocker.

Wonderful musical theater piece.  They LOVE this.  Upbeat.
Revolting Children from Matilda

Great for finale.  Idea:  Use flashlights.  Cover the flashlight with black cardboard.  Punch a pin hole in it.  Do song in the dark.
He Lives in You from the Lion King

7/8th Mixed Choir, Slow, for adjudication.
Turtle Dove by Linda Spevacek

7/8th Mixed Choir, Fast, for adjudication.
Misty Morning by Carl Nygard

Great for beginning of the year Mixed Choir.  Limited men's range.  7/8th.
Sinner Man by Roger Emerson

Awesome intro to madrigals for Mixed Choir 8th grade.  A Capella.
Carol of the Bells

FUN!  Rap.  Add kid in Santa suit.  Great opener for holiday.
Sounds All Around Us from Music K-8.

I use the next two with flashlight choreography and fog machine, and I do them in the dark.  I use it in October.
Thunder Lizard from Music K-8.

Dweller of the Cave from Music K-8 Magazine

This includes partner songs.  I like "Home", "City Life" and "Fifty Stars", but they are all good!
John Jacobson doesn't miss when you are trying to keep things fun with this age group!

He never misses for 3-part mixed choir,  but this is one of my favorites.  I use it with my mixed choir in the first nine weeks.  Lots of opportunities for unison octave work (S-Cubed Level 2), and it's fun and simple to learn.  

Perfect for beginning 2-part choir.  It has unique textures to it with whispers and "sh" sounds.  The kids love the upbeat nature.  Excellent for adjudicated festival.

Great to beginning Men's Choirs.  It ends with a 3-part chord.  It has lots of rhythmic interest, opportunities for solos, and is very upbeat.  Great for adjudication.

Super song for the beginning of the year with your Middle School boys.
It's easy and makes them feel super!  I often raise it a half step for the younger boys.

This is great for an advanced 8th grade mixed choir.  You need three strong parts.  It's rhythmic and exposes them to the start of singing in languages other than English in a non-threatening, easy way.
Great for adjudication.

Super easy but exposes the singers to 3 parts.  It it like a partner song on steroids.  Upbeat and very rhythmic.  Ends with 3 part split that is quite simple.  They love it.  Good for adjudication.

Lyrical, two part for an experienced choir.  Most of it is quite simple, but the two "chorus" parts are homophonic and offer some challenges and dissonances.  It is a great piece for taking students who have mastered simple two part singing to a new level.
Great for adjudication.

5 minutes 53 seconds on this video,


  1. Thank you so much for sharing your magic. My choir is having fun and experiencing success in sight reading. They love the repertoire choices, Drunken Sailor, The LIttle Birch Tree, and Revolting Children. We're also working on Green Eggs and Ham, Counting Down to Christmas, Do you want to Build a Snowman, Dormi Dormi, A la nanita nana, and Man in the Mirror. I'm currently hunting for more great material for the second semester. Any further suggestions of songs for beginning middle school chorus would be greatly appreciated. Thank you, Mr. Abramson

    1. Thanks for reaching out! I will keep adding to this list over time. I hope you keep having success!

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